More than 30 years of development and marketing experience of Heinz Günther, a German EX-Siemens engineer, the senior founder of ARTOL3000 European Business Group, such as


private villas, apartment houses, office buildings up to a multifunctional gallery complex with 24.000 m², incl. shopping areas and RAMADA-Hotel etc (see picture below).   


The development of another 6000 m² Office Gallery complex in Germany near Frankfurt considered the key elements of coworking already many years ago. Long before coworking was widely talked about, it was one of the first office buildings considering these inspiring coworking lifestyle aspects in the project design. As a result, NINTENDO outsourced its young creative team of programmers at that time and rented space in this office gallery building.


Furthermore, the reconstruction of a historic "Arabian Village", where we have established the marketing and sales via a special Group Partner Office network throughout Europe. 


In the past, in addition to PPP (Public Private Partnership) consulting, we have also conducted urban planning and university park campus studies for a German university.


All projects listed hereafter have been managed in the past by Heinz Günther through his companies and                    offices in London, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Palma de Mallorca and Almeria.


In 2006, development & consulting activities with the ARTOL3000 European Business Group also started on the Black Sea. In 2019 an important infrastructure project was completed in Varna.  


All photos above and further down this page show some of our own past developments, up to project establishment management, to give an insight into the wide range of our company group know-how in some European countries.


The very last picture shows the "ALHAMBRA VILLAGE", where we were responsible for the whole European project marketing with development consulting for the plot owner and organized the marketing through many partner offices and exhibitions all over Europe. Besides many people from England, people from 16 European countries found a house or a new apartment there in Spain.


Another development-consulting cooperation with a building company in Spain, based on cohousing PLUS, is the  ESPADEVIDA APARTMENT GALLERY in Andalusia/Spain. 



                                                    The FUTURE:


Based on our diverse experience in real estate marketing and development-consulting,

                                            we continue to search for locations

                         and regional cooperation-partnerships to realize modern


                                                    COLIVING PLUS projects

                  including TELEWORK-space with COWORKING-network


More and more companies are looking for and enabling their employees or project teams to also work at attractive coliving and coworking locations on a temporary basis.


In the future, a special COLIVING PLUS projectdevelopment will also cover the TELEWORK lifestyle needs of young self-employed people and also young employees of companies.


                                                Town development consulting


We are also active at the level of municipal residential development-consulting, defining future real estate concepts that also more strongly incorporate the social aspects of all age groups in a new residential district from the very beginning. For example, a multigenerational residential park as a major urban extension - in possible cooperation with interested cities, various building companies in a region, investors, banks etc.




                                                                        Our  ideas and  solutions  are  as varied  and interesting as the markets in which they are employed. The  strength of  our  business  is situated  in an unusual company-group-network structure. By co-operating with qualified people in Europe, each one working as an  entrepreneur, we  assimilate the ideas, the experiences,  contacts  and the know-how of the individual to  the benefit of the group as a whole.


In “ARTOL3000  Group”, you  will  find  a partner, who opens the entrance to ideas and experiences, shows the way to  develop strategies  together as we find new and interesting spheres of activities to help our partners in  developing  and  positioning future oriented projects in new markets within the context of the global world.


Heinz Günther    Senior Group Founder


                     E S P A D E V I D A

         cohousing - coliving - coworking

                       Projectconsulting                                                                                          Development-consulting for special coliving PLUS Projects including coworking also like modern multigeneration town developments including cohousing PLUS in cooperation with interested towns and local companies, plot owners, investors etc. 


We are looking for locations and cooperations with landowners in Germany, Bulgaria, Spain and Austria.




Picture further down:  

Our largest estate development experience:

                 24.000 m² Office-complex with RAMADA-Hotel


Started from first Project-Idea with establishment and marketing concept and continuing with complete development-and building management up to the sales to an investor this spectrum is the personal experience from Heinz Günther, the senior founder of the ARTOL3000 European Business Group: 24.000 qm with shopping arcades - various flexible office space, large Gallery hall and on the three top levels a RAMADA Hotel.                  



Pictures further down


Our Alhambra Village Project at Costa de Almeria