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In April 2016, the Bulgarian President gave a speech in english language at the UN (United Nation) in New York, from whose published document we briefly outline below.


…..Bulgaria has already started the process of framing a mechanism for the national implementation of the 2030 Agenda. We are elaborating our National Program for Development Bulgaria 2030 by also actively engaging the civil society, business, young people, academia and the media.


......Official development aid has to focus on empowering people and making them self-reliant.


......We also support educational, health and economic projects in the Western Balkans and the Black Sea region....


.....placing children at the heart of the Agenda....


and his closing words:



....Ladies and Gentlemen, It is time to take action. We need to think smart, act sustainably and change our approach if we want to achieve the goals set out in the 2030 Agenda and leave future generations a healthy and prosperous planet.