A step to future oriented "cohousing PLUS" Multi Generation or 50+Generation lifestyle Developments in European countries, starting in Spain, followed from Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and further countries during next years


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We are offering to private people as first step and - in case of "Builder Guided Bottom Up Developments" - free entrance to the ESPADEVIDA Club-Forum1 - Meeting Point for information exchange with other people, interested in a same ESPADEVIDA location.


We are searching, analyzing and preparing interesting plot-locations or also permitted projects, to be used or converted for an ESPADEVIDA - community development. Depending on coming preferences and inquiries further plots/projects will be selected and offered for an ESPADEVIDA Multi Generation or 50+ Generation Lifestyle-community project in Spain.


Beside this we search as next for possible regions and ESPADEVIDA locations in Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe, Bulgaria.  In cooperation with company owners or a group of interested private people in coming further steps in future we are open to expand also in other European countries. This is mainly depending on a possible plot situation, the regional market and the competence of interested local Business cooperation partners in a country.





We are offering in various consulting-packages for a company or a group of interested private people to coordinate a community project-development, starting with an individual established Meeting Point for small or large Multi-Generation or 50+Generation Village-projects in some aspects partly similar to co-housing communities. This in co-operation with an interested group of private people, also like in cooperation with town halls, local companies like building companies, estate offices, architects, owners of larger plots etc.                                                            


The timescale where and in which country, beside starting in Spain, then Germany/Austria to continue with Club-Forum Meeting Point activities in further countries, is depending on the engagement of regional inquiries and if there is a group with a club manager, or a regional project-partner, like an estate office, interested to overtake exclusively a key position for a location in a further European country. A Club FORUM MANAGER overtakes the co-ordination for a project.


Past experience in several countries in Europe, also USA during the last years did show that this all over the world expanding new type of Multi Generation Real Estate also like 50+-Generation in different variations, mostly called co-housing, requires in general a longer period of project-development and preparation with a lot more communication and information exchange between a private group of people to meet the individual interests from the very begin. Traditional Co-housing normally is normally a complete private organized long term project cycle. ESPADEVIDA is the solution to shorten the establishment period. More see via this link   


ESPADEVIDA has some similar key elements like the traditionell complete private organized co-housing, but further elements will be defined and established individually during the project- establishment procedure via the communication and meetings, coordinated on Club Forum 2+3, after interested people did find together on Club Forum1 ( Meeting Point). ESPADEVIDA is a flexible Club Lifestyle community model between traditional private lifestyle and fully co-housing lifestyle, where all cook and dine more regulary together. In some cases it can be just with a part of some co-housing elements, excluding dining and cooking together, but in other other cases it could be also a project with all co-housing elements. Any mix is possible and all will be decided during community establishment period. All is depending on the requirements of a private group during Club Forum1-period and later Club Forum2 communication and the establishment period on Club Forum3. The community establishement procedure is coordinated from a local involved ESPADEVIDA Club Forum Manager. It is possible to include more or less co-housing elements, where in any case either a Club House or in Apartment complex with Club-Rooms will exist with a Club Manager office, organizing various individual from the Group selected Club services. 


Due to the ESPADEVIDA Club Forum model, private people, mostly without development experiences, must not organize alone their complete individual community development  The Club Forum communication platform is operating on 3 Club Forum Levels. The first Club Forum1 is the Meeting Point, to help private people first to come together in case of a possible location/suggested region and second later on Club Forum2 to define by themselves as a group the key elements of the community, the Club house, like size, various functions and room concept, also like Club services for the different generations. This are Club services for young families with Children, also like Business services or various services for the younger and also up to the retired generation, especially in case of a 50+Generation community additional with typical services for this Generation.


Because of the 3 coordinated Club Forum levels it is possible, in case of ESPADEVIDA, to involve and bring people from all over Europe and any other country together to live in future a Multi Generation community or 50+ Generation lifestyle in a new selected landscape, town district or country.


Community house and Club services at any location can be much different. All is depending on the number and the requirements and expectations of the people, interested to live in future in an ESPADEVIDA community. Beside little Village-projects also possible are smaller Apartment complexes where community-Club-rooms and facilities are included in separated areas.


ESPADEVIDA is open and prepared for regional Business-Partner-cooperations - to bring - via the Club Forum Meeting point - people together in a new location for a new type of more individual Multi Generation or 50+ Generation Lifestyle Estate. The ESPADEVIDA Club Forum can coordinate - if required - regional projects and private groups, just from an area around a city. But additional there can be involved interested people from other towns/regions or countries in an ESPADEVIDA project.



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