cohousing PLUS in Spain

   ESPADEVIDA - cohousing PLUS

in the Alhambra Village 

For a coming Group of interested people, buying an Arabian Villa in this existing Village - also invited are people already living in this Village - it is possible - via a "Club Forum Alhambra Village" - to integrate a 50+ Generation ESPADEVIDA Lifestyle-Club-House and various Club Sevices


*Alhambra Village* with various NEW Villas on sale and an 

actual possible location to integrate ESPADEVIDA

   Link to: ESPADEVIDA-community-presentation





Romantic Arabian Villas  

not far from beaches at Costa de Almeria. 


detached Arabian Villas from

85 m² up to 135 m² + 270 m² 


Next Arabian Village-part within the Alhambra Village - 11 detached Villas (85m² constr. with Terrrace) including a community pool 170.000,- €.  A further similar community part with 18 houses is in preparation. One or - in steps - both village-community parts - or a part - is possible to be extended into an ESPADEVIDA- community with additional community Club house , depending on number of registered people on Club Forum 1 (Meeting Point). Beside this some larger Villas, between 135 m² and 270 m² can be included in the same ESPADEVIDA community and also anybody, already living in the Village could be later a part of the ESPADEVIDA lifestyle Club, using the various Club services.  




> First buying just an Arabian Villa - and independent still may be later to proof and see if and how to integrate in an ESPADEVIDA Alhambra Village community. 


> or first just the registration on Club Forum1 to see others, which are also interested in an ESPADEVIDA-neighborhood community within this Arabian Village and then together with all others decide for individual Club House and Club Services.