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possible partnerships with already existing similar Multi- Generation or co-housing locations in Europe

Possible involvement of


> already existing, similar Multi Generation, co-housing or similar projects, villages or interested groups in any European country in the ESPADEVIDA Friendship-Network   


> or such projects just in preparation, in planning or building procedure


Some already existing co-housing or Multi-Generation-village projects all over Europe, which have the main key-functions or intentions - similar like ESPADEVIDA - and where the future citizen would be interested to be linked together, to cooperate or interchange experiences, in future can be connected in the ESPADEVIDA Friendship Network.


If interested please contact and inform us about your intentions, activities or an already existing location and community.



Please give us


> first short information about your actual activities, location and project ( if possible also         web-page) and

> what aspect from ESPADEVIDA is most interesting for you and

> where do you see from your situation and viewpoint cooperation- or information         exchange possibilities




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