ESPADEVIDA- cohousing PLUS  

        Cooperation possibilities in various European countries:


       Business-cooperation: Estate Offices, building companies, investors, plot owner, architects


       cooperation with cities/small towns and villages, also PPP-co-operations possible 


       private people, interested to start or coordinate a project in their region/town.


                    ESPADEVIDA locations in Spain/ Costa de Almeria and in future all over Spain

                            also like in other European countries: Germany, Austria etc.

                                                       and Eastern Europe /Bulgaria  




you are interested as Investor


in such a future oriented engagement. There are various possibilities, from

> small investments of one or some houses/flats      to be long term rented out


> long term project-development & investment-involvements in a complete or a part of a ESPADEVIDA community project with special long term renting concept  


>  short-term investments during development    

     period on larger locations or 


you are interested as building company:                 


various possibilities of co-operation at coming ESPADEVIDA locations in Spain, Germany, Austria, and in a further step in future some other European countries. If interested we would need some info about where is your organization operating and what are your possibilities and interests for an engagement.

you are a plot owner or you know about a possible plot-location or existing project, possible to convert to co-housing for a further


ESPADEVIDA-project in Germany, Austria, Spain or any other European country, please let us know some facts and we will see if there would be cooperation possibilities or if we can coordinate a contact to a group, organization, interested in this location/country 


you are a private group of people, intending


to establish or extend a community group for a similar Multi Generation or 50+Generation cohousing project in Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, or other European countries, then you can inform us about your activities up to now and what are your plans and intentions and we can see what type of co-operation could be possible, even may be (This is possible for groups in all European countries ) just later to join the ESPADEVIDA- Club-friendship Network, for a holiday home-exchange connection service etc. 


you are an architect:                                       


Beside our already existing architect-partners we are - due to several different locations and countries - open for regional co-operations. For an example if you have connection to a plot/location or if you search for a location for some of your interested clients your architect-office could be involved in an ESPADEVIDA- project in your region.



      A) in any European country

      B) at a coming ESPADEVIDA location

           in Spain, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria 




There are - beside the standard UNIQUE ESTATES SALES CO-OPERATION in the beginnings - further different possibilities. A special one, beside normal Sales cooperation, is for an example to establish exhibition-cooperation and to include our ESPADEVIDA projects. 


B) At some other ESPADEVIDA & Club Forum locations in Spain, Germany and Austria there are special possibilities of closed co-operations, like overtaking exclusively the position of an authorized  regional ESPADEVIDA- Sales Marketing Office for an organized location.



you are living in an already existing Multi Generation or co-housing location        


interested in the possibility to join the ESPADEVIDA Club-Network for friendships and the "holiday home interchange service", please let us know about your community and we will register your interests and keep you informed after a location is finish, to start in future this special friendship-Club-Network between ESPADEVIDA locations or ESPADEVIDA friendship groups in Europe.  


you are interested in an ESPADEVIDA Club Forum-Manager function


if you are already intending to join or actively establish in your region/country a similar 50+Generation or Multi Generation Community you can organize this via an ESPADEVIDA Club Forum by overtaking a special Club Forum Manager Position.


One possibility is to coordinate your preferred location with your coming community group via a special Club Forum, where we would make - after having some detailed information - a suggestion and offer to prepare a separate ESPADEVIDA Club Forum as Meeting Point with your possible Club Management for your intended location and group.


The other possibility is to coordinate people in your country or region for an existing ESPADEVIDA location, like at the moment in Spain (Costa de Almeria or may be also in future a coming ESPADEVIDA cohousing possibility in a charming lake and mountain district or in a city in Germany or Austria.


We think that this could be interesting for people with spare time in a retired situation, wanting to be involved in a future orientated development.



This position will be mainly managed via internet and skype/Zoom or Skype-Club-Forum meetings to help expanding this ESPADEVIDA lifestyle and friendship network may be in your region for you and your friends and to coordinate further interested people from your area or country to an ESPADEVIDA location in Spain.


You are welcome to talk with us about various possibilities. 



you are the representant of a city, little town or Village,


interested to see if and wich type of Multi Gene-ration or 50+ Generation co-housing project or coliving coworking project could be coordinated and established in your town or the region.