Multi Generation Galleries

with Roman Spa Appartment Park 


The basic planning-concept, including Clubhouse, Wellness Center, Restaurants, service-rooms etc. is designed and in discussion for a special use in an eastern European town. A part of the buildings, like pool, the Spa area and the art & culture house with larger rooms can be also defined at special times to be used from the public to optimize the financing concept. At this lcation for additional general public use a modern medicine center could be involved. This is a further life-quality-insurance, which could be included in such a Multi Generation housing concept.


The apartment-houses in a further planning step of the architects now is extended at both sides with apartments, so that always in the middle of each apartment building-complex large covered Gallery areas will increase lifequality in the colder northern parts of Europe. 


It is possible to use just a part of the houses or smaller reduced layout. Also a part of the Gallery Apartment Houses easily can be arranged to be build on various other plot sizes.