City Gallery Multi Generation Apartments

with additional parking area for the public


Based on the further down shown and already realized Office Gallery complex this "City Gallery Multi Generation Apartment"- is a design study

for 100 apartments in City-locations, where the same is possible in smaller towns just with half of the floors and 50 apartments


A basic planning concept for more then 100 flats with community space, Pool- and Spa-area etc. To optimize the limited space for a city, there could be included a very large parking garage - also for public use, so that a town, may be able to sell a plot for such a future project, additional can have a larger public parking garage.


Future housing concepts for larger town-halls, interested to use some community space multi-functional with living space for young people and families, for the active business-generation and also for the soon coming or already retired generation, all living together in a future oriented Multi-Generation City-Apartment Gallery Community.


Examples like this - in medium size or larger towns - will also be possible in future, where politician groups are interested to start changing the situation for citizen of all Generations in cities.


Another possible sign and door into a future oriented City lifestyle:   


- little "city-community islands" within a town - 





 Office Gallery-Complex


Example of such an existing multi functional 24.000 m² Office & Hotel- Gallery-Complex, that has been created and realized in the past under the leading construction management of the ARTOL3000 European Business Group Senior founder Heinz Günther, including the planning up to permission, which was organized via his architecture-partnership office in Germany and some external infrastructure planning from his further owned architecture-partner office in London.

Our largest Gallery Project Development-Experiences with shopping arcades, little market place and Ramada Hotel on 3 levels, beside office space:


The second model 3 x larger as the first one, that was used from us for first renting-activities during construction time. The 24.000 m² multi-functional project-model was from the very begin created and established from us, then we did marketing research for the best possible location in several towns, at first startet in Dresden, later decided for an other City-location. After planning - which was organised via an own internal architect-partner office - the complete Development was sold from us with building permission to an investor. Then we did also - in cooperation with a further competent architect office from the town - the complete building management where the building was finished within 13 month, so that Ramada could overtake the 3 floors at the top in time.


Example for an ESPADEVIDA City Apartment-Multi Generation Complex


The first model just from our first Vision, also from us shown and described in a book about development & location marketing in cities. Based on this the town was involved and our Group project-team for this location did expand with further project team-partners, including an additional regional architect.