Multi Generation




The pictures are showing the Business-Gallery-house-Development, nearby Frankfurt, designed financed, rented out and constructed under the leading management of the ARTOL3000 Group senior founder.


Part of this multi-functional Gallery-concept was the possibility to use the Gallery areas for various reasons, like exhibitions, celebrations. All managed by a special established Center-Management Company, with several services for about 40 small companies under this Gallery-roof, as part of the multifunctional "Business-community development".


In a similar way it is possible to construct an Apartment-Gallery house, where at the ground-floor each apartment has its separate entrance with own Garden, for an example like shown on the next floor-plan:

There is existing the planning of  such a building-complex with all further floors for a Gallery-Apartment house complex. If interested that could be discussed with the architect to be overtaken.  



Further down see the Example for a possible larger Muti Generation Gallery Park where several of this Gallery-House-Complexes can be positioned

               ( Right side on the picture Heinz Günther together with his architect-office partner during Gallery opening celebration times ) 



Example of  a Multi Generation Gallery Park where several from this type of Gallery-Home-Complexes can be positioned


Similar Gallery Complex, just different architecture style:


Further down is the very first Gallery sketch from an involved designer, where - beside architectural plannings - mainly based on this the expose and flyers during renting out period have been produced - as before building start and during building period and before project was finished and could be visited 75% of this 6000 sqm Office-Gallery Complex already was rented out under the management of Heinz Günther and his Marketing Team with long term lasting signed contracts.