ARTOL3000 European Business Group Ltd.

  European Real Estates   Development & Consulting 

 infrastruture projects - town development  

cohousing - coliving - coworking 


with special focus: 

intermediary bridge between private companies and the cities

or local municipalities to encourage closer co-operations in the sense of public private partnerships - like PPP - in European countries. 



Picture: Our actual  ESPADEVIDA "cohousing PLUS" development, especially for the 50+ Generation. The first project of this new lifestyle generation was developed for Spain. The target user group are Spaniards, as well as people from the various northern European countries.


Further plans are cohousing PLUS community homes for all generations, from young families up to the senior generation and pensioners, via regional cooperation's. 


The flexible ESPADEVIDA- establishment model includes in future also to cover the lifestyle requirements of the young generation via co-operations for ESPADEVIDA coliving & coworking, covering Teleworking-requirements for innovative companies  and  young people from all  over the country and  international.


Together, in cooperation with regional building companies, estate offices, architects, plot owner, communities, investors etc. we open the door - partly in coordination with small and large cities - to future oriented town developments. The ESPADEVIDA-establishment procedure of this healthy estate lifestyle type is more flexible and different to the traditional cohousing.


We completed our latest Development in Summer 2019 and did improve in Bulgaria an important part of modern infrastructure for this country.


During this time a part of our Group, for an example, was opening in Spain the door to the first ESPADEVIDA "cohousing PLUS" lifestyle community project. Due to a special new establishment procedure this lifestyle is now open to a much wider circle of people from all Generations.


The first project of its type in whole Spain is already developed and now it is offered via a regional involved company to the public, not only in the town area, also all over Spain and to interested people in European countries and international.


As next step this new type of ESPADEVIDA - community-housing and establishment model is now ready to be transferred - beside to other locations in Spain - also to interesting locations in other EU countries, especially Bulgaria, Germany, Austria etc.


   25 years developer & consulting experiences of the German Senior Business-Group founder, partly also in Spain and in eastern Europe


Due co-operating via our Network of qualified people in Europe, we assimilate our  contacts, ideas, experiences to the benefit of private client interests and regional Business Cooperation Partner, in coordination with the long term perspectives of a town. 

We find new and interesting spheres of activities to help our  partners in developing and positioning future oriented Real Estate Projects in new markets within the context of the global world.  



Together with our Group partners we coordinate contact exchange for possible 

regional project cooperation in