From BULGARIA 2030 to VARNA 2030


Nowadays, every large city is faced with numerous new tasks and challenges, not least due to a continuously expected increase in population. 


However, this does not only concern the procurement and providing of living space. At the same time, the need for jobs as well as educational and leisure facilities for children, young people, students, etc. is also growing. The same applies to the need for social, medical and cultural facilities.


The HANDBOOK "FORUM VARNA 2030" presents a way forward for an urban community to successfully manage at least a relevant part of these current challenges, even in today's turbulent times of rapid change.


The FORUM coordination model presented here, which is to carry the guiding idea of Varna2030, is a lasting European cultural city expansion model that can have an impact far beyond the borders of Bulgaria. It does substantial and exemplary justice to the developments of a rapidly changing, global and increasingly insecure world.


In 2015, the UN world community adopted Agenda 2030, a roadmap for the future. Agenda 2030 means "Transforming our World, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development". 


As a result, a meeting was held in Bulgaria within the framework of the Council for Concerted Action, in which the government, trade unions and employers participated. A draft National Programme for the Development of Bulgaria until 2030 was discussed.


The document was called "Developing Bulgaria 2030". The reference of VARNA2030 and the FORUM VARNA2030 to the United Nations Agenda 2030 and to the speech of the Bulgarian President at the United Nations in NEW York will be discussed in some more details in the HANDBOOK VARNA 2030. 


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Isn't VARNA2030 an interesting and achievable goal, isn't the idea of being part of it in some way, actively or passively, exciting for you?


Then not only the goal or the perspective is life-enriching, but also the collaborative path to get there.


In this sense we are looking forward to meeting you and an interesting circle of FORUM VARNA 2030 members.





Thank you for your attention


     Heinz Günther, Dipl. Ing.   &    Ivan Ivanov, Dipl. Ökon.      



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